Nostalgia was purchased in 1996, mostly influenced by the works of Neil Gaiman. The original intent was to purchase a "" domain, but at the time single letter domains were not available. The server was original hosted at The University of Oklahoma and ran a version of Slackware Linux (later moved to Redhat). The server's primary purpose was to host a Quake server, used by the residence of Walker 5 West in OU's Walker tower. Over time, however, it also provided a "unix shell", development server, and hosting for various websites. In the late 90's Morpheus was moved to the University of Tulsa, who had graciously offered to host the server for free - given some restrictions as it related to content and our ability to profit off of the server. Years later we moved Morpheus to a varying set of 'cloud' providers where it has continued to host a limited set of services for a series of users we have collected over the years.

The first renewal notice.